About Us

Symbiotica is a clinical laboratory that provides high quality, diversified and personalized testing for companies to improve patient care and well-being.


Our Mission

  • Increase patient accessibility to current clinical advancements in laboratory testing by partnering with leaders in the digital health industry.

  • Provide high quality, accurate, and useful information that allows better partnership between patients and health care professionals to determine the best care personalized for the patient. 

  • Improve and ease patient concerns of sample collection by focusing on new technologies and science applications, and giving patients the power to decide when, where, and how they want to provide their sample.




"Healing from a Distance" - Telemedicine

The U.S. healthcare system is rapidly evolving positively with the advancement of virtual care, including:

  • telemedicine

  • boutique MD companies

  • direct to consumer testing

  • expanded screening and diagnostic laboratory testing.

However, what has not changed significantly is:

Specimen draws in an easy, safe, efficient and compassionate way.

Patients still have to leave their home and go to a local laboratory for specimen collection for doctor-ordered lab tests.  



We invest time and energy into improving the patient experience with a new paradigm in sample collection practises. The goal is to create a more positive, convenient, and safe experience for patients and caregivers. This will improve the overall quality of healthcare delivery and become a more patient-centric and compassionate healthcare service.



Focus on home-sampling instead of lab draw stations by identifying and evaluating new technologies that provide alternative sampling options in order to improve the current needle-stick procedure.


Focus on  new diagnostic and screening testing with both patients and physicians in mind for relevant, health monitoring, risk mitigation and treatment of population-based tests.


Focus on turnkey clinical laboratory startup services, “lab-in-a-box” and  virtual laboratory services, as well as consulting services for other companies to improve patient care and well-being.


Why Us?

We're uniquely suited because we have the expertise and experience to develop, validate, and launch accurate  clinical tests across different platforms, complexities and specialties in a timely, efficient, compliant, cost-effective, and scalable process.

We customize our service to the needs of our customer. We make it convenient for our customers by providing full-scale clinical laboratory services so that they can stay focused on success. We do what we do best, so that our customers can continue doing what they do best.

Our Difference

  • Patients can obtain testing regardless of insurance coverage

  • Patients can collect their sample themselves and “at-home” (or wherever they choose)

  • We provide laboratory tests on more than just blood - urine, saliva, swabs, etc.

  • We are Business-to-Business, and not Direct-to-Consumer, and always work with licensed healthcare providers to manage patient care

  • Our core testing is on clinically-relevant, diagnostic and screening lab tests, and are validated per federal requirements 

  • We customize our service to the needs of our clients


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